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About Megganet ADSL 2+ Broadband

Megganet Home Broadband

Megganet has studied the broadband sector very carefully. We can proudly say that we offer not only one of the best broadband services on the market but also one of the very best after sales services for the price as well.

Choosing the right broadband service can be difficult. We listened to customers reasons for coming to Megganet from our competitors. Competitor issues highlighted to us included high charges, finding help on obscure problems, talking to anyone who understands broadband/computers, getting impartial advice on children, virus control and even spam issues.

Megganet works very hard to predict, reduce and eliminate many possible problems to significantly reduce downtime and really improve your broadband experience.

Megganet ADSL 2+ Broadband

ADSL 2+ Broadband
Low cost area Standard cost area Professional 4G/3G
Service fee inc. VAT £19.99 £24.99 £44.99 £24.99
Downstream Speed (up to) Up to 24Mb Up to 24Mb Up to 24Mb Up to 18Mb
Upstream Speed (up to) Up to 2Mb Up to 2Mb Up to 2Mb Up to 2Mb
Monthly Allowance Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 10GB
Contract duration 18 months 18 months 2 months 12 months
Static IP Address N/A £10 one off INCLUDED N/A
UK Support 9:00 to 5:00 9:00 to 5:00 24 Hour (24/7/365) 9:00 to 5:00
Port Blocking Ask Ask No Ask
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web Space 200 Mb 200 Mb 200 Mb N/A

The 'Up to' maximum speed depends on the length of your telephone line from your premises to the exchange, the quality of the telephone line, the quality of the internal wiring, the number of joints on a cable, the quality of your router and many other contributory factors. Megganet uses special long range routers and during installation, we will use the most ideal system for optimum broadband performance.

More about ADSL 2+ Broadband

Further Info On Home Broadband

ADSL had a maximum download speed of 8Mb and over time the technology has improved to a point where ADSL 2+ can now be used to download at speeds up to 24Mb!

If you need a genuine unlimited broadband service which runs at the maximum speed your line can handle, look no further. Our truly unlimited, always on ADSL service is ideal for constant high speed useful for video streaming services like Netflix.

You don't have to worry about port blocking from us and you should get very low pings - ideal for high end broadband activities including gaming, VOIP, video conferencing and so on.

If you are a serious on-line gamer and you demand the best, we would recommend a business service because it has higher upload speeds, guaranteed bandwidth and lower pings.

Safe And Secure Browsing

Safe And Secure Browsing

Safety online is vital in a family environment and we offer two independent systems to protect your family - Kaspersky Internet Security and external web filtering.

Kaspersky Internet Security is a single easy to manage package which covers all types of attack and even has its own built in password protected web access security - perfect for a young family.

Megganet also offers an external web filter where you can request disabling specific websites such as gambling, drugs, adult material, social networking and even chat sites amongst many others. Call us for more information on this managed service.