History behind Megganet

Megganet was formed in 2004 to eliminate the difficulty ReBoot IT had dealing with the broadband providers of the day.

At that time we were using 'other' companyís to provide broadband to our home and business clients - and problems we had included:-

1 - Hard to get through to any support.† Specilist lines were frequently dead and many just rung off the hook.

2 - Could not talk to anyone who we could interact with - we had to do what they said to do whether it was necessary or not.

3 - Getting support from some one who was actually responsible enough to make decisions.

4 - Trying to get support to actually understand our clientís problems.† They just seemed to make assumptions and try to get us to act on them.

5 - They had little or no technical ability.† Many could not understand the basics and were easily confused, despite us 'dumbing down' what we needed help with.

6 - Language barrier - they could barley understand what we were talking about, but we could rarely find any one with English as a first language.

7 - They jumped to wrong conclusions and in many cases we had to start again.

8 - Their careless attitude and recreational disregard for customerís valid concerns forced us to look elsewhere.

With the help of the Omagh Enterprise Company which we hold in very high regard, Megganet was formed.† After much research we found Enta to be constantly the best broadband provider, we signed up a contract and our clientís problems were over.

Naturally we are very grateful for all the help Enta have provided us in the past and continue to provide us.† Megganet continue to use Enta as the primary wholesale broadband provider.

Although ReBoot IT is a well established computer maintenance company, Megganet has become the preferred choice for broadband in Tyrone and in the rest of Northern Ireland where we are known and Megganet now supersedes ReBoot IT's annual return.

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New 'up to 24Mb' Speed being rolled out nationally - call us to see what we can do for you.
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The Drumquin office number is 028 8283 1111, Fax 0871 528 4365.
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