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The advice given here is correct at this time but may be updated without our knowledge.  You may need to download certain FREE programs, please ONLY download the programs we recommend as the web sites contained within these links may try to persuade you do download 'other' programs which we do not recommend.  Furthermore, we recommend taking backups of everything you need before proceeding.


1 - First thing to do is check how much memory your PC has and work out how much it needs.  load up a few applications such as Word and your E-mail client.  Press Ctrl+ Alt + Del at the same time and the task manager should start up.  Go to the performance tab and check the total amount of physical memory.  Check the PF usage and if it is within 25% of your physical memory, your PC may need more RAM.  As a guide, XP with SP3 and a few apps work well with 1 Gb, and Windows 7 work well with 2 or more Gb RAM.  Add more RAM depending on your requirements - Photo editing and CAD may need even more RAM.

2 - Go to the Control Panel and remove unwanted programs.  Restart your computer each time you are asked to.

3 – Second, clean the rubbish out of your computer.  We recommend two programs for doing this.  Download CCleaner and run both the Cleaner and the Registry parts.  The second program we recommend is TFC.  It helps clear up temp files from your PC.  When it has finished, you should restart your computer.

4 - Clean out the registry with this excellent tool, used by technicians all over the world.  Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is excellent at removing un necessary registry entries.

5 - Download, update and run Malwarebytes.  Even if you have a virus checker on your computer - you might be surprised what this amazing little utility can detect and remove.  Exercise caution when attempting to download this as the site it is downloadable from may attempt to persuade you to download 'other' programs.  If you download does not start straight away, wait about a minute and the yellow bar should appear at the top of your browser.  Follow the instructions in the yellow bar to download the installation files for Malwarebytes.

6 - Check for more than one security program.  If you use different programs for your firewall, virus checker, spam cleaner and so on you would be better off using Kaspersky Internet Security available from the Megganet shop.  We have discovered slow machines with several virus checkers all fighting for resources, slowing PC's down to a crawl.

7 - Run the Microsoft 'MS One Care', its slow but rather good.  This program rarely runs first time but, preserver and it should eventually start.  This program is an online scanner which means that it scans your computer and removes itself.  It's downloadable here from Microsoft.  It cleans up temp files, registry files, removes bugs and if your computer needs a defrag, it will offer to do one.

8 - If internet explorer is giving you grief, you can reset it by going to tools, Internet Options, Advanced, Reset.  Don't forget to read and acknowledge any warnings.  Most people just install Firefox or Chrome.

9 - Each program in your task bar decide the clock eats up resources - check which ones you need and remove any you don’t.  Sometimes you can remove a program from this toolbar but levee it installed.

10 - Check the list of programs that Windows loads at start-up by going to Start, All Programs, Start Up.  If you spot anything that you don't need, you can remove it from the start-up by:- Right mouse click on the program you need to remove and select the appropriate option.  This will not delete the program from your computer - but it will stop your computer running it each time windows starts up.

11 - If your computer is 3 years old, the hard disk may be starting to wear out.  Sectors may need more than one scan to data and this can slow a computer down.  If your computer is over 5 years old, we recommend replacing the hard disk drive/s.

12 - Disabling your computers system restore (or volume copy) helps to speed up your PC.  These can help you to restore your PC from a crash so we would recommend leaving them on.

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