Security and protection

If your  computer is used to do any of the following sort of stuff:-

1 - Download free (stolen) music, video or programs
2 - File share across the internet
3 - Search for any illegal material
4 - Attempt to crack programs
5 - Visit immoral web sites
6 - Carry out any Illegal activity

Expect it to become infected with brogans, Viruses, Spyware tracking cookies and expect it to slow known because of this.  This is not an exhaustive list.

There are just two things you need to protect your computer on the internet.  The first one is a good quality, up to date internet security program and the second is plain common sense.  The most obvious things to avoid here are any form of illegal downloading or going to 'recreational' websites or any morally inappropriate web sites.  Please don’t ask for examples of any of these.  Country and Western websites are not deemed to be illegal.

Any of the top internet security programs will do your job.  It is important to keep it up to date and renew it when it expires.  Each program tackles your security in a variety of different ways, requiring different resources and impeding the performance of your computer to varying degrees.

The difference between a virus checker and an Internet security program is that an internet security has a built in virus checker plus any combination of the following:-

Helps prevent network based attacks.

Reduces the spam in your Outlook (some Internet security programs cover other E-mail clients).

Yes, you can be attacked using an IM connection.

This is where you are drawn to a website which is designed to extract your personal information.  An example is where you are informed that your bank details are out of date and you need to log on to renew them.  This fake site then reads the details you type in and uses them (on your behalf, without your consent) to take money from your bank.

Irritating pop ups, usually up to no good.  Made up of advertisements and fake security warring - be careful.  Use Malwarebytes (from the Downloads section) to clean them out.

This allows parents to control their child’s internet usage and can be used to filter out in appropriate sites.  Interestingly, this function is also used by employers to control employee’s internet usage as well.

This checks that links on websites or emails point you to known black listed websites.

This is a very special type of nasty, it stays so low in your computer the virus checkers can't spot them.  When they were first spotted, they could detect an antivirus program trying to remove them and they were able to protect themselves.

Very simple program used to detect key depressions on your keyboard.  Sequences of digits could be recorded and the information sent to (mostly) illegal destinations using a background file transfer techniques including email, ftp etc...  The sort of information they hope to capture include credit card details, bank details, passwords and so on.  Kaspersky has a virtual keyboard where the mouse takes over and foils the keyboard logger.


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