Broadband installation

This section provides a general overview of the installation process.  There are no references to any particular make ort model of equipment so this information is valid for all routers.

Megganet has identified the causes of many client problems and we have developed the very easiest installation techniques so you can get broad banding straight away without hassle.

When you get your equipment, check that all the components your ordered are included.  The router box should contain the:-

1 - Router
2 - A Yellow (Rj45 to Rj45) network cable
3 - A Grey (Rj11 to Rj11) American style phone cable
4 - One filter

There will be no CD included.  All routers we send out are fully programmed in advance.  If you have not received a welcome letter in the post, it will also be included in your delivery.

If you ordered any other items, such as extra long network cable, Wireless USB device or additional filters they will also be included.



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